Terms Of Service

By using our services or products you agree following terms

**Services word also refers to products

1 - Account, Registration and Data Processing

  • A - Shared Information

    By using our services you agree your information will be used for requirements in service

  • B - Information to be Processed

    By using our services you agree to let us process the generated content and given details to make service work
  • C - Limitations

    By using our services or products you agree to let us limit your usage for required situations or even block service usage if its required

  • D - External Services

    By using our services or products, you agree to allow us to monitor your use to ensure security in accordance with our service quality and standards.

  • E - Security

    By using our services you agree to you are responsible for your own project and self security. Behemehal is not responsible for any of security problem. We make sure to our services and products fits to security standarts

  • F - Ownership

    Behemehal does not gain ownership in your projects. Also, by using our Services and products, you do not have any rights over the content accessed through our Services or Products.

  • G - User Privacy and Service Usage

    By using our products or services you agree to give a reference privacy-policy link to here and you also have to comply product rules (Refer to end of the page) that given by specific products

  • H - Important

    For any of a violation taken by using our products or Services. Behemehal brand will not take any responsibility. By using any of our products you agree to gain responsibility over the content that you provide